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Even though his babygirl is sometimes too embarrassed to ask him for the really naughty things she often fantasizes about when she’s alone, Daddy can always tells what’s on her mind.  Those moments when she’s being sassy and playfully wiggles her ass at him while on her hands and knees, he knows it’s her way of secretly saying, “Daddy, I want your tongue back there.  I know it’s wrong, but will you please lick me and stick your tongue in my bottom? I can’t help that it feels so good!”

So he grabs her ass with his strong hands, spreads her cheeks apart, and buries his face against her exposed butt.  Daddy is always turned by the scent of his girl’s asshole, finding it to be such an erotic and private way to share her body, and then flicks his tongue against her quivering anus, feeling her entire body shudder in reaction to his delicate touch.

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